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What Members Are Saying!

"NHI students are intellectually curious, mature beyond their years, and responsible global citizens who enrich our campus community."

--- Michael Gaynor
Director of University Admissions, Villanova University
Regional Coordinator, National Catholic College Admission Association

"I would place NHI as a top organization for Latino youth and their higher education goals. The student participants are top-notch in academics, service, and community leadership."

--- Rafael Arciga Garcia
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions for Diversity, University of Arkansas

About The College Register

College Register members cultivate relationships with high achieving Latino high school students through early college preparation, leadership development and admissions training. In partnership with the National Hispanic Institute, a national organization with over 36 years of experience in developing Latino youth leaders, the College Register annually reaches out to up to 3,000 high achieving, high ability Latino high school students and their parents through one-on-one visitations, mentorship roles, training programs, and outreach correspondence.

Members also benefit from NHI’s experience in working with the emerging Latino market through training, information on research-based studies, and strategic meetings. College Register membership means direct access to students who have been prepared by the National Hispanic Institute to be competitive in admissions, excel in a college environment, and graduate. NHI students gain admission to 2.7 out of 3 schools, enter college at a 98% rate, immediately attending four-year institutions at a 98% rate, and graduate within 4-5 years at a 90% rate.

College Register members must be four-year, post-secondary institutions that are committed to the development of 21st century global Latino leaders. Since its establishment in 1989, the National Hispanic Institute has maintained a close relationship with the College Register by providing consulting services on an individual and regional basis. Institutions looking to improve their outreach effectiveness and enrollment of Latino undergraduate students are invited to join.

Annually, College Register members connect with students through participation in:

  • Up to 6 Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session (LDZ) college fairs;
  • An extraordinary opportunity to bond with NHI rising high school seniors at 1/3 Collegiate World Series (CWS) programs;
  • Access to Celebración, in Dallas, Texas, NHI's International Showcase with up to 650 college eligible award winners from our 2014 summer programs.
  • At Celebración, NHI hosts professional development seminars with valuable research and information for admissions recruiters working with Latino markets
  • A 2,500-3,000 student database of 2014 NHI student participants
  • A list of 1,200 high school rising seniors for Fall 2015 recruitment initiatives
  • Opportunities to meet & present to parents and high school counselors

In addition, the Institute works hard to name-brand member institutions among all its members and partners throughout the US Latino community.

From the membership, a select group of institutions open their doors to serve as hosts for one of 14+ summer leadership projects. These institutions contribute resources from their annual budgets to house NHI participants and staff at their universities. By partnering with host institutions, NHI can more easily sponsor college campus based training programs for its participants. In addition, these schools become part of the learning environment and share a integral part in training future leaders. 

For more information on becoming a host institution please contact our Director of Collegiate Affairs, Zachary D. Gonzalez, at (512) 357-6137 ext. 205 or by e-mail at zgonzalez@nhimail.com.


The following institutions serve as NHI’s strategic partners in Latino leadership development:

Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
Partner: Steven C. Bahls, President and Kent Barnds, Vice President for Admissions

Austin College, Sherman, Texas
Partners: Dr. Marjorie Hass, President, Nan Davis M. Davis, Vice President for Institutional Enrollment, and Tim Millerick, Vice President for Student Affairs

Cabrini College, Radnor, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Partners: Dr. Donald Taylor, President, and Dr. Jeff Gingerich, Vice Provost/Dean for Academic Affairs

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
Partner: James Rawlins, Executive Director of Admissions

Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois
Partner: Gary F. Rold, Dean of Admissions

Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas
Partner: Dr. Dan Yoxall, Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Partners: Stephen J. Merritt, Dean of Enrollment Management, and Michael M. Gaynor, Director of University Admission

University of North Texas, Denton, Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth)
Partners: Dr. Neal Smatresk, President, Dr. Yolanda Flores Niemann, Senior Vice Provost, and Patrick Vasquez, Director of Outreach

University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
Partner: Jonathan Burdick, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

University of San Diego, San Diego, California
Partners: Minh-Ha Hoang, Director of Admissions

University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida
Partners: Dr. Ronald L. Vaughn, President, Dr. David Stern, Provost, Dennis Nostrand, Vice President for Enrollment

University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
Partners: Dr. Gregory Vincent, Vice President for Diversity & Community Engagement

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